AJ Chavar
Chief Innovation Officer

Currently based in Syracuse, NY, I am visual and interactive journalist with a background in photography, video, print and web design. Most recently I finished an internship for The Star-Ledger as a videographer, but I also gained experience at The Washington Post as a multimedia intern, and at SKI Magazine as a photo editing intern. I am available for contracts in any nature of work, from advertising to editorial to documentary.

This is Our Freedom
A Personal War, at Home
Veteran Gallery

Nature as ...

Late afternoon light warms clouds in Tonasket, WA. Photo by: AJ Chavar

In addition to writing, photographing, and videotaping stories here in Washington, we're also trying to make a wide array of statistics and other "dry" data as interesting visually as it is cerebrally.

To that end, Dave Miller and I are working together on a series of natural environment infographics; combining graphically composed still images with graph and text data in a way that makes sense on a visual and emotional level.

The Best Geocode ...


Can you hear me?

Jared gets his ears checked in Spokane for his VA benefits. Photo by: AJ Chavar

For more than half an hour, Jared Starkel waited nervously in the waiting room of a hospital clinic. Just a week ago, Starkel got his first sign of getting his benefits—a packet of paperwork in the mail from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Today, with no more than two days notice, Jared sat waiting to have his hearing examined for his benefits claim. 

Lesson Learned

Photo by: AJ Chavar

In just the past four weeks, I’ve learned how to safely maneuver my way through dirt roads, gather a herd of horses, and live in a house with nine other people.  This week the daily lessons continued.

Veterans' Story Day

Percy Faison | Portrait by: AJ Chavar