AJ Chavar
Chief Innovation Officer

Currently based in Syracuse, NY, I am visual and interactive journalist with a background in photography, video, print and web design. Most recently I finished an internship for The Star-Ledger as a videographer, but I also gained experience at The Washington Post as a multimedia intern, and at SKI Magazine as a photo editing intern. I am available for contracts in any nature of work, from advertising to editorial to documentary.

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A Personal War, at Home
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An end to the ...

Cassie squeezes the hands of Jared (r) and friend Betty (l) Photo by: AJ Chavar

For nearly a month, AJ, Michelle and I have been anticipating the birth of OIF veteran Jared Starkel’s baby boy. Mid afternoon yesterday, our wait finally ended. It’s been nearly nine months that the Starkels have been waiting for baby Garryn. And when he finally got here, they couldn’t be happier.

Waiting for benefits

Jared Starkel looks through his 28 page VA paperwork. Photo by: AJ Chavar

It's been almost four months since Jared Starkel first applied for his medical benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Monday, Jared got his first sign of aid: a letter in the mail acknowledging his application.

The Ultrasound

Cassie shows her daughter Ashleigh how to read the ultrasound that Doctor Bradfo

I had the pleasure of attending Cassie's final scheduled doctor's appointment before she gives birth to her and Jared's second son. I have never really been this involved in the birth of another person before, not even in my own family, so to be allowed in the doctor's office multiple times and know that Cassie felt pretty OK with me snapping pictures wherever I wanted really made me feel trusted as a journalist.

A Board Meeting, ...

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The Waiting Game

Photo by: AJ Chavar

The Starkel family is on baby alert. After spending Tuesday night at Mid-Valley Hospital, Cassie Starkel thought she would be giving birth the following morning. But it looks like baby Garryn isn't ready to make his debut to the world just yet. Cassie's doctor told her she could leave the hospital Wednesday morning after only dilating 1 centimeter. She's been told she needs to be 4 centimeters dilated to have a caesarean section.