Boombox to Bugle


When Cindy Byers plays the classic military bugle song Taps, she never misses a note, her tone is perfect and she effortlessly jumps from one octave to another. Her range feels limitless.

That‚'s because tucked inside Cindy‚'s bugle is a miniature speaker. Cindy can‚'t actually play. For the last seven years, Byers, of Tonasket, has performed the song at local Memorial Day ceremonies without playing a single note.

About 30 people in Tonasket came out for the tribute, wearing American flag shirts and American Legion hats. The ceremony began at the 4th Street Bridge, moved to the Legacy Memorial and finished at a Tonasket Cemetery.

It just gets to your heart.

Cindy used to bring a large boombox to Memorial Day ceremonies. She says she‚'s amazed with the way the taped rendition of Taps can make people cry.

As she finished the third of three ten-minute ceremonies, Byers shed a tear, thinking of her father and her close friend. Both are World War II Veterans.

A few years ago, the local American Legion chapter bought a silver bugle. One of the local veterans was learning to play the song. He has since passed. American Legion wants to find someone who can play, but for now it‚'s up to Cindy.

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