David Miller

David Miller
Graphic Designer

I'm a student at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. I love graphic design, photojournalism, and illustration photography. My photos have appeared in Jerk Magazine, The Syracuse Post-Standard, The Onion A.V. Club Chicago, and on Ralph Lauren's Rugby.com. Most recently I shot the The British Independent Film Awards, and the 17th Raindance Film Festival in London, UK for Raindance.tv. I was recently named the Society of News Design/Marshall Matlock student designer of 2009.

Jerry's Cabin
History of Women in the Military
Getting Disability Compensation
Military Conflicts
Military Suicide
This is Our Freedom
PTSD Experience

In the meadow

News21 fellow David Miller shoots test video in a meadow. Photo by Kelly West

With just around a week left in Washington state, nothing is slowing down. Along with the veteran articles, photo stories, and infographics that all the teams are working on, a few of us are also collaborating on a piece about the land- what it means to the people, and how it shapes their lives. The land helps answer the question why are these veterans here? which in turn helps answer the question why are we here?

Goin' up!

Pilot Justin Smith, of Republic, Washington. Photo by David Miller

One central character in our stories--the land-- has been fairly inconspicuous over the last few weeks in our posts. We're all focusing so much of our attention on veterans, their families, outreach workers, and the people in the community that it might not seem as though the land is so critical to our story. But it is. It's why these people are here, and it's why we're here. 

How we got here

Photo by: David Miller

Long before our News21 team met our friendly neighborhood herd of goats, won the Curlew Barrel Derby three-on-three championship or commenced our twice-weekly trips to the Walmart in Omak, our only connection to the veterans in eastern Washington was on the telephone with Rick Francis of the Blackdog Foundation. It’s through him and the outreach work he does that we came to this particular corner of the world.

Making it Move

Screenshot of Flash CS4 on David's iMac

Right now I'm working on an interactive tour of Jerry Middleton's cabin in Flash CS4. It's a lot of coding, and figuring out where elements need to be in relation to the main "stage" (what you see in the physical frame of the finished project) so that they move into that viewing area with motion and from the right location.

Story Day this ...

Poster design by David Miller

This weekend, teams from Syracuse University will be on-hand to record radio-style interviews and we hope that veterans will stop by and share some of their experiences. Please stop by or invite a veteran.

Flier information (posted around the area):

Veterans Story Day

Friday, June 18
Tonasket High School
10 am to 2 pm

Saturday, June 19
Republic Elementary School
10 am to 2 pm

We will make a cd of the interview for the veteran to take home with them.

Questions? Call Kate at 303.946.2483 or email kdszrom@syr.edu.