David Miller

David Miller
Graphic Designer

I'm a student at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. I love graphic design, photojournalism, and illustration photography. My photos have appeared in Jerk Magazine, The Syracuse Post-Standard, The Onion A.V. Club Chicago, and on Ralph Lauren's Rugby.com. Most recently I shot the The British Independent Film Awards, and the 17th Raindance Film Festival in London, UK for Raindance.tv. I was recently named the Society of News Design/Marshall Matlock student designer of 2009.

Jerry's Cabin
History of Women in the Military
Getting Disability Compensation
Military Conflicts
Military Suicide
This is Our Freedom
PTSD Experience

Wired in the woods

Photo by: David Miller

It has been a challenging week here at Fort News21 (a.k.a the K Diamond K bunkhouse) outside of Republic, Washington. Our fellows have been meeting with people in towns all over the state, recording video, conducting interviews, attending town meetings and memorial ceremonies and learning as much as they can about veterans' issues, in state and nationally. It has definitely been intense.

PTSD Survey

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a huge issue in the veteran population here in Washington state. PTSD is still a relatively new term in the mental health field, and many vets either don't know what the symptoms of PTSD are, or don't believe they suffer from it.

K Diamond K Ranch

Photo by: David Miller

We made it to K Diamond K Ranch in Republic, WA. We were greeted by horses, long-horned cattle, goats, and even a peacock! We've gotten settled and explored Republic, and we are all energized and eager to begin delving into our stories in a few days.

Rick Francis and Wolf from Blackdog Foundation stopped by to give us some updates on veterans in the area, who they hope to connect us with very soon. We're eager to meet as many people as possible.

Macbooks & bonding

Photo by: Juliette Lynch

We were all ready to go to Washington state yesterday, but the plane had other plans. After a mechanical issue on the tarmac in Syracuse, we all had to deplane, rebook our flights, hotels and cars, and after 4 hours in the airport, return home for the night.

Today, we're off to a much better start. We've safely arrived at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. We will be heading first to Phoenix, then reaching our final destination of Spokane, WA by 11pm pacific time.

For now, we have a 4 hour layover and plenty of work to do.

Textures of ...

When I found out we were going to be taking a 3-day preliminary trip out to Washington state in April, I realized this was an amazing opportunity to get an initial visual understanding of the area. The landscapes, the towns, and the forests of northern Washington will become the backdrops of our future stories, and I want to digest as much of it as possible before our official project launch at the end of May.