Kelly West
Multimedia Photojournalist

I'm the Texas transplant on this project, and I drove an incredibly indirect 5000 miles in order to get to Republic, Washington this summer. I'm a multimedia photojournalist, which means (at the moment) that I take still pictures, shoot videos, record audio, and try to think of creative ways to make you want to look at it online. I love my job because it means I get to ask a lot of questions, learn new things, meet amazing people, and sometimes even take cool pictures. I also love listening to music, drumming on the steering wheel, laughing at inappropriate volumes in movie theaters, making to do lists of things I've already done, and eating food with melted cheese on it. I hope you enjoy the work we're doing here.

Children Left Behind
Wives Left Behind
Mothers Left Behind
Soldiers Before Citizens
One of the Guys
This is Our Freedom

Pit Stops on the Road

Photo by: Kelly West

Here are a couple frames from Kelly documenting the banality that made up most of the road trip, but hey, we wouldn't have kept our sanity without these moments!

Big Sky Country

Photo by: AJ Chavar

Well, we made it nearly all the way through Montana yesterday, which is saying something. They call it Big Sky Country, but everything else is on a large scale too; the mountains, the grasslands, the people and of course the state itself, which has been our longest drive across a single state yet.

We have another 300 miles and change to go, most of it being Washington, but we first need to exit Montana and cruise through the Idaho panhandle. After days averaging 500-600 miles, and yesterday's super stretch of 700 miles, this last leg will be a piece of cake (knock on wood!).

The Badlands

Photo by: AJ Chavar

On Tuesday we made our first scenic stop, in the Badlands, South Dakota. Needless to say, they were absolutely gorgeous. The scenic loop me drove on brought us a few miles out of the way, but we all agreed it was worth it to see natural beauty like this.

1,033 Miles in: ...

Photo by: AJ Chavar

Well, we made it through three states yesterday, and partway into a fourth. We racked up a total of 1,033 miles, with 1,285 (about) to go. Looks like another two solid days on the road. Once again, follow me live on twitter to hear all about the trials and tribulations of a News21 roadtrip.