Lesson Learned

Photo by: AJ Chavar

In just the past four weeks, I’ve learned how to safely maneuver my way through dirt roads, gather a herd of horses, and live in a house with nine other people.  This week the daily lessons continued.

The time arrived for Sierra to conduct her in-depth interview with Jared.  Sierra wanted to speak with Jared about some very personal topics, so we thought it would be best to have all the kids who were at the house play outside while the interview was taking place.  This meant AJ and I were responsible for entertaining Jared’s son Clark outside during the interview.

Engaging a two-year-old boy outside in scorching 80-degree weather is not an easy task, but thankfully our job was made easier because Clark had playmates with him.  He passed the time running around the backyard, jumping on the trampoline, and playing on the swing set.

As a journalist, it’s been very important for me to not only make Jared feel comfortable having me and my partners over his house, but it’s also been crucial to me that his family feel comfortable too.  And I truly do feel that they have.  AJ spent some time outside taking pictures of Clark on the trampoline and on the swing set, and I was both shocked and happy that the clicks of the camera didn’t faze Clark.  That’s really the dream of a journalist: to be like a fly on the wall and observe life as it would naturally occur if you (and your camera) weren’t there. 

At the end of the summer, I’ll leave my News21 fellowship with a multitude of lessons learned.  I’ve joked that I should probably write a book on it.  But among those lessons, I’ve learned that when we take the time to watch children play, we realize that so much of life amounts to enjoying the simple moments.  And for that I have a two-year-old boy to thank.          

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