Making it Move


Right now I'm working on an interactive tour of Jerry Middleton's cabin in Flash CS4. It's a lot of coding, and figuring out where elements need to be in relation to the main "stage" (what you see in the physical frame of the finished project) so that they move into that viewing area with motion and from the right location.

RIght now you can navigate through the rooms of the cabin with arrows. Eventually you will also be able to click on objects in Jerry's home, and Jerry will either talk about the objects, or more information will be provided in some way.

I used the tweening engine TweenMax to help with a lot of the animation. Tweening is basically the smooth animation of an object between frames. Everything in flash is based on a timeline and changes to properties over time- either in size, color, position, or other properties that can be defined by numbers. TweenMax helps make smooth property changes over time on the back end, in the code, with Actionscript 3 (AS3).

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