Nature as Abstract Art

Late afternoon light warms clouds in Tonasket, WA. Photo by: AJ Chavar

In addition to writing, photographing, and videotaping stories here in Washington, we're also trying to make a wide array of statistics and other "dry" data as interesting visually as it is cerebrally.

To that end, Dave Miller and I are working together on a series of natural environment infographics; combining graphically composed still images with graph and text data in a way that makes sense on a visual and emotional level.

The solace of silence

Photo by: Ken Harper

It's the space, the lack of humanity per square inch. I can see why people choose to disconnect to reconnect. I get it. Quiet beauty seems to be oppressed under the buzz of the multitudes. We don't have multitudes here. 

In the back of my mind I dream of the end of rushing, the moss growing on my laptop, maybe tomorrow.

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