Lesson Learned

Photo by: AJ Chavar

In just the past four weeks, I’ve learned how to safely maneuver my way through dirt roads, gather a herd of horses, and live in a house with nine other people.  This week the daily lessons continued.

Enjoying Prospectors' Days

Spectators lined Clark Street for Prospectors' Day Photo by: Kelly West

During our time in Republic, dozens of locals have told us to come see what the Prospectors' Days celebration is all about.

This weekend, we did just that. Some of us came out to run (and place) in the 3.7-k and 10-k races. Others were there to shoot video of the parade. Sherri and I grabbed lunch downtown at the Sportsmen Roost, which has become one of our favorite spots to eat downtown. Kelly and Kate stopped by after shooting some photos and videos.

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