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John white: "every day is a new day; a day we've never had before and never will have again." #EAWXXV — 5 years 8 weeks ago
Birthday and Eddie Adams = awesome! #EAWXXV — 5 years 8 weeks ago
@NancyAndrews, Hi Nancy! Headed to #EAWXXV and I'd love to be on the twitter list! thanks! — 5 years 8 weeks ago
What I love about nyc...#dollarslices http://t.co/2uIK0Eal5 years 21 weeks ago
Oh Brooklyn, you are always full of surprises! #rooftoppigroast #4thofjuly http://t.co/6pTDZepJ5 years 21 weeks ago
Viva vincelette http://t.co/0bN12w7M5 years 29 weeks ago
My parents, married 30 yrs ago today. Still together & in-love. Proud to have them as parents. Happy Anniversary M &D. http://t.co/Y2MEpVBn5 years 35 weeks ago
@sierrajiminez thanks chica! we need to meet up and swap life stories. — 5 years 37 weeks ago
Oh LGA. I, too, always feel in transition. http://t.co/CBvkPVN05 years 37 weeks ago
Maine and explaining cancer to a 4 yr old: http://t.co/2FM9z9dv5 years 39 weeks ago